User Interface Design

I’ve been designing User Interfaces from the very beginning of my career and they are one of my core passions.

I’ve designed and built every type of user interface imaginable, from websites, to TV apps, DVD menus to kiosk interfaces, but it is especially satisfying when UI design is coupled with my other core passion, story telling, in a games environment. 

This was never more true than during my time within the Creative Services department of NCsoft Europe where I was lucky enough to work on a large gamut of the company’s published titles, designing and building web UIs for after-care support products and working up in-game elements for the company’s fledgling development team (and a host of other material which can be found under my ‘games’ section).

Since then, I’ve continued to try and bring a sense of story and gamification to every UI I have produced, and have recently been lucky enough to work in a 3D VR realm as well as my usual 2D environment.

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