Narrative Passion

From an early age I fell in love with stories. As soon as I could read independently, my nose was stuck in one book or another, especially when I discovered I could get any book from the library I wanted to. But at first I wasn’t that good at writing my own, I threw every idea that popped into my head at the page. I remember my English teaching making a particular example of me because of the fact that my stories always seemed to have witches and unicorns fighting against planes and tanks. Turns out that worked well enough for Philip Pullman!

I never gave up writing though, and even when my post-university career veered off into a more visual direction, I always kept writing, and my love of stories even crept its way into my working life (as you can see in my visual portfolio).

After a spur-of-the-moment pact with a colleague (a fellow film enthusiast) led to competing in writing and filming our own short stories on zero budget, the writing bug grabbed me once more. So insatiable was its appetite I decided to start my own lifestyle magazine in my spare time, just to have an excuse to write on a regular basis.

Here are some highlights from my writing and editing work to-date…