In Retrospect Magazine website

In 2014 I helped design and create an on-line magazine for retro enthusiasts called In Retrospect Magazine. The idea of the site was to present the content as if you where viewing an actual page spread layout on paper but using HTML and CSS rather than a straight PDF...

BeBopaLouLou Vintage Logo

Logo produced for new on-line vintage clothing store BeBopaLouLou. The brief called for there to be a very obvious connection to clothing whilst being fun and modern but with a sense of 50s styling.

The Werks Logo

The Werks logo was an exercise in simplification and legibility as the original type forms created for the logo didn’t work as each character represented the wrong amount of space and the ‘The’ was too dominating. By vectorizing the logo I was able...

Portmanteau Logo

The Portmanteau logo is a lesson in waste-not-want-not as it uses a series of hand drawn letters that were pitched to South Central for their logo but rejected outright. Produced for a start-up music-licensing agency that place music in audio-visual productions...

Southern Retro Logo

The Southern Retro logo is one I created for my photography project seen here. It needed to be clear, legible and fun but not too overpowering when sat next to the photographs so as not to detract from their impact.