I wanted to create a new portfolio site for myself to show off the best of both my design work, but also my web development skills, so I set about creating an interesting and stylised framework that could not only stand on its own as a piece of art, but also frame and not distract from the work it was highlighting.

The design takes inspiration from the long-standing retrofuturist movement that encompasses historic and science fiction elements, and has recently seen rise to genres such as cyberpunk, steampunk and dieselpunk, and a healthy nod to the games industry that I spent some time serving. I created a number of illustrations for both background elements and for each of the sections of content, my design and development work, my photography work, and other areas such as testimonials and a twitter feed, all of which can be seen here.

The nuts-and-bolts of the site, contains a lot of CSS laying techniques and is fully responsive, meaning it scales and reshapes dependant on what browser or device the site is viewed on.