From my very first go on my cousin’s Atari, playing ‘pong’, I’ve been in love with gaming. Through hours of ‘Jet Pack’ on my first ZX Spectrum to ‘Elite’ on the Commodore 64, and onto PC and console gaming, up to the latest in V.R. technology, my passion hasn’t dwindled.

So when I was lucky enough, in 2006, to join the Creative Services department of NCsoft Europe – the European arm of multinational on-line games publisher NCsoft – it was a dream come true. Working within a team of fellow designers, writers and developers I had a hand in creating a huge range of products including websites, box products, merchandising and print advertising in support of a number of titles, such as Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Tabula Rasa & Lineage II.

One of the challenges i found particularly satisfying to work on were character line-ups. Each game we published had its own illustration/render style so each asset had to be coloured, scaled and individually lit to fit seamlessly into the compositions, matching in fabricated objects, textures and backgrounds (as well as photographs). These always gave me a chance to let my love of lighting, drama and story telling come into play.

Below is a selection of my NCsoft work, along with some early career excursions into the world of mini-games for the likes of Hewlett Packard, MFI and Cadbury.