Every now and again I dip my toe in the world of film and video production, and in 2013, at the urging of a fellow film lover, i put pen to paper and drafted a story called Paper Doll. After putting together a small cast and crew, we begged and borrowed props and clothing (even a vintage car!) and over the course of 4 weekends filmed in and around houses, offices and swing dance events, all thanks to good friends who were kind enough to help us out.

Set within the contemporary world of vintage clothing and social swing dances, Paper Doll is the tale of Edward, a young man who dresses everyday like it’s the 1940s. He works a dead-end office job where his colleagues make fun of him but comes alive when he’s out dancing, drinking and womanising.

Edward’s world is turned upside down when he meets Agatha – the woman of his dreams – who helps him to become the gentleman he’s always striven to be, but is she real or just a paper doll?

Cast: Matthew Blacklock, Fleur McGerr, Katie Sommers, Ruth Netania, Anna Symes, Sarah Podmore
Crew: Adnan Mangral, Anya Krasnikova, Leon Radschinski-Gorman
Live Music by: The Swing Ninjas
Supporting cast: Brighton Lindyhoppers
Written & Directed by Mathew Keller

Watch the film: