Design for a large banner for use at trade shows and promotional events, based around promoting the full range of NCsoft games currently on offer.

My first step here was to fabricate the background sky, which fades from yellow at the horizon to purple at the zenith, and reflects NCsoft Europe’s ‘PlayNC’ branding colours. I then created the foreground using stock textures, and placed some architectural elements recognisable from each title on the horizon and lit these to fit the background. After this I had to place and scale each of the figures so that they looked like they existed in the same space as each other and create their individual shadows both on the ground in front and behind them and on one another.

Once all the major elements of the composition were in place I concentrated on lighting each figure correctly, digitally painting hues, light spills and coronas to match the strong backlighting of the sunset and correcting and adjusting the pre-existing fill lighting at the foreground of the figures.