I was asked by Italian sofa company Natuzzi to take part in their “Welcome Home” exhibition during London Design Week 2012.

Vintage clothing has been receiving a lot of attention in the media recently and the Brick Lane area of London has a number of the best Vintage clothing stores in the city, including the flagship store for Beyond Retro, a company started in East London in 2002, that has stores as far as Brighton and Stockholm. Add to this Spitalfield’s rich history with the clothing industry and you have the perfect location to place the Natuzzi Brio sofa, a product “born of a synthesis between formal design and modern living”.

The aspect of the Vintage scene I wanted to represent here is a group of individuals, of which I am a part, who are dedicated to recreating and championing the complete look and style of a by-gone age, they are not trying to escape to a past time or shut out the modern world but embrace technology and modern living whilst keeping alive the ideals, manners and pride in ones appearance of a by-gone-age. I felt this attitude perfectly matched the Brio, so I invited my friends to come down to Beyond Retro dressed in their finest clothing to sit on the sofa, relax and indulge in activities they would normally do in the comfort of their own living rooms.