This European only collector’s edition box for MMORPG Lineage II was an exercise in minimalist design. Using only the games logo on its front and sides and relegating all other information to the rear or base of the box, it uses two different metallic inks, one for the box material and the other for the logos, with a spot UV varnish applied across the box lid in the pattern of a Phoenix. The base of the box was printed in full colour to really show off the artwork and screenshots to the fullest. This minimal concept followed through to the box contents, which I also created, including:

A slim box cover using a simple black and white base with the full colour character art.

An art book which, like the outer box, uses two metallic inks and a spot UV varnish.

A Mini Standee fabricated from a variety of different sources, all of which had to be coloured, scaled and individually lit to fit seamlessly into the composition, with digitally painted hues, light spills and coronas added to match the strong backlighting of the sunset background which made up the throw-away part of the standee.