During my time as Senior Designer at NCsoft Europe, I led the Lineage II campaign. A flagship title from the Korean arm of the company, Lineage II originally launched in 2003, was just about to get a major update in the form of “The Chaotic Throne”. Our job was to create marketing material to introduce the game to a European audience.

One of the major things I did during this time was design a micro-site aimed at new players. Given free-rein by the marketing department, I produced a concept of a pop-up story book which allows users to interact with the background story as they pull, push and spin tabs and levers. Using only limited assets supplied by the game developers, much of the style and design of the site was created from scratch. I introduced navigational patterns such as page turning, a page of contents and the bookmark tab that merged the physicality of a book with the interactive aspects of the web. The site was then built and animated in Flash but driven from a database back-end enabling it to be viewed in 11 different language versions.

The site went on the win a DiMA:S award in 2008.