When the Brighton Toy & Model Museum was looking to improve it’s corporate literature I was brought on-board to reinvent and revitalise its brand image.

My first job was to create a new, visually striking logo that, after a few experiments, ended up being based around the hand-painted sign outside of the museum originally created by the museum’s manager Chris Littledale, 20 years ago. This logo uses the classic Victorian serif font Clarendon, which closely resembled Chris’ hand painted lettering and plays upon the idea of a sense of history and longevity.

The logo was then used on a nationally distributed leaflet. An important design consideration was to make the top third of the front clear and impactful to ensure visibility in leaflet racks. The inside features photographs of the museums displays taken by the collections trust chairman Anthony Bianco. He and I worked closely on the design to best feature these images. The cover illustration is informed by the museum exterior which consists of a series of archways. I also created a new location map. All the textual information was laid out using the font Johnston, designed by Edward Johnston specifically for Transport for London, and provides a cheeky nod towards trains and the museums vast collection of model railways.